Service Description

Cockroach Control Service
Most disturbing and common pest we face with Cockroach in our house of office. It also bear’s many disease’s that is a threat for our life. In Bangladesh, we normally see four type’s of cockroaches’ like USA Cockroaches, Argentine Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach and German Cockroach. American Cockroaches’ are also known as local cockroach too. If you take our service we will make sure all the cockroaches and it’s extension will be vanished and you won’t see any cockroach within next six month’s al least. We have our best solution for controlling cockroach in Bangladesh that no one other can provide here in BD.

Termite Control Service
Termite’s are type of insect that feed on wood and it become’s part of your home at last. There are 2 kind’s of termite’s commonly seen like the worker and swarmer. Worker looks like creamy color and 3-4mm ling. Swarmer looks dark brown or black in color and it’s 4mm long. Termite’s may not have wing’s as they lose shortly. If you see appearance termite’s at your home or office you must take professional service to eliminate it’s extension to avoid farther damage at your home or office in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bedbugs Control Service
Bedbugs are brownish in color, oval in size and it can’t fly. But, Bedbugs are blood sucker, infectious and spread diseases. Bedbugs can quickly move over floors, walls and ceilings. Female bedbugs may lay hundreds of eggs. Bed bugs live on human bloods and some people has allergy of bedbugs biting. So, are affected by bedbugs and looking for terminating from your home, we provide professional bedbugs cleaning service in Dhaka city, Bangladesh.
Rodent (Rats and Mice) Control Service
Rodent known as rats, mouse, mice in Bangladesh. Rats may be serious problem for your home as your home is very attractive place to live and for availability of food, water. Rats are not only responsible for vital diseases by contaminating your foods, they also cause damage cutting your clothes, mattresses and furnitures as they are to continuously cut to keep their teeth from growing too big. They can also live and cut under your bed, water pipe, Air Conditioner and electric cables. There are many incident that happened because of Rats like water damaged and fires. So, If you are planning to terminate them form your favourite place, you can hire us as your professional Rats, Mouse, Mice Control/Cleaning Service in any party of Dhaka.
Mosquito Control Service
Mosquito is very common problem in Bangladesh. Mosquitoes are responsible for deadly diseases like Dengue fever, Malaria, elephantiasis, chikungunya, Ross river fever, barmah forrest fever, yellow fever, zica virus. We have latest chemicals and technology to remove your Mosquito from your area and home within all part of Dhaka.
Ant Control Service
In Bangladesh, here are many types of ants like Argentine ants ,brown, black, coastal brown ants, ghost ants, garden ants and others. Ants can be nuisance when they get into your home. Ants keep traveling ants searching for your foods that may spread diseases. We provide Professional Ants Control Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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